The video for Silver Junkie’s ‘Maria’ has won the international competition web animation HAFFTube 2010 award at the Holland Animation Film Festival.
Director & Animator: Gitte Le Bruyn



‘MARIA’ - Silver Junkie

Produced by Tino Biddeloo & Frank Duchêne

Mixed by Frank Duchêne

From the upcoming album:

‘Streets & Boulevards’


december 2010

Frank has finished  the production for new artist: The Antler King.

Their song ‘ALONE’, is currently used in the theater production ‘Send All Your Horses’ and was featured in the Ferrero Rocher TV ad.

‘ALONE’ - The Antler King

Produced by Frank Duchêne

Mixed by Frank Duchêne & Werner Pensaert

“De Weg Naar Het Avondland” (The Road To The Evening Land) is a new, eleven-part travel documentary, which is currently aired on Belgian (Canvas) & Dutch (VPRO) national TV. Presenter Jan Leyers explores the route which our early ancestors used to leave Africa.

January 2011

De Weg Naar Het Avondland

Presented by: Jan Leyers

Director: Johannes Bucher

Camera: Gery Hoebanckx

Sound: Miguel de Oliveira

Editing: Raf Serneels

Audio Post Production: Frank Duchêne

© TV Makers 2011

`i Stillunni Hljomar’ is the second album of Mogil.  This Icelandic - Belgian band combines ambient moods with liquid songs, with a strong emphasis on live performance. The album was recorded in Reykjavik and mixed in Antwerp.

‘ i stillunni hljomar’ - Mogil

Hilmar Jensson,  Heiða Árnadóttir , Ananda Roosens , Joachim Badenhorst

Produced by Mogil

Mixed by Frank Duchêne

MARCH 2011

MAY 2011

‘Satchel’ by The Antler King: debut album available  April 21st.

‘SATCHEL’ - The Antler King

Produced by Frank Duchêne

Mixed by Frank Duchêne & Werner Pensaert

band website

APRIL 2011

Hooverphonic’s ‘2Wicky’  is currently featured in the new international Philips’ Senseo commercial.

‘2Wicky’ - Hooverphonic 1996

Produced by Hooverphonic

Lies Sadonius, Raymond Geerts, Alex Callier, Frank Duchêne  (1996 line-up)


Geike Arnaerts’s debut album ‘For The Beauty Of Confusion’ wasreleased on the 17th of October 2011. Recorded over a 9 month period by a small production team, the result reflects Geike’s innerworld; exquisite lyrics combined with melody driven, deconstructed pop songs and organic atmospheres galore. Enjoy!

‘For The Beauty Of Confusion’ - GEIKE


Produced by

Frank Duchêne & Yannic Fonderie

Mixed by Frank Duchêne

Geike’s Website

Send All Your Horses


Frank finished recording the soundtrack by Guy Van Nueten for upcoming movie ‘Milo’, “an Irish-Dutch coming of age film starring Stuart Graham (Hunger), Jer O'Leary (Savage), Laura Vasiliu (4 Months, 3 weeks, 2 days) Charlotte Bradley (About Adam); Dolf de Vries (Black Book) and newcomer, Lorcan Bonner in the title role. The film is directed by brothers Berend and Roel Boorsma, who have also written the script together with Heather Imani.” (

April 2012

Frank finished the production of ‘431’  for Dutch band Hit Me TV.

‘431’ Hit Me TV


Produced by

Frank Duchêne

Mixed by Alex Geurinck & Erik Verweij

Hit Me TV’s Website

MAY 2013

Maya’s Moving Castle’s new single ‘When You Wish Upon The Stars’ is inspired by the brand new comic series Amoras.

Months before any official communication regarding the project, creative director Johan De Smedt offered the songwriting team exclusive access to the unpublished magnificent drawings, to draw inspiration from. The small team operated with full artistic freedom, but had to promise absolute discretion, with even radio stations not in on the ‘secret’ until the comic album was released.

September 2012

Frank mixed the original score by Dirk Brossé, arranged by Yannic Fonderie and Steve Willaert, for Ben X.

The musical is based on the novel ‘Nothing Was All He Said’ by Nic Balthazar. The story is about a boy with Asperger syndrome who retreats into the fantasy world of the MMORPG ArchLord to escape bullying.

When You Wish Upon the Stars

Maya’s Moving Castle


Produced by

Frank Duchêne & Yannic Fonderie

Written by

Maya, Frank Duchêne & Yannic Fonderie

Maya’s Moving Castle